Remember we at Moon and Mask,
we want to see you more relaxed than you have ever been.

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Our Services Available to you

Do you come home so beat your body feels like it has been dragged through a cobbled street, and you know that it really only needs to relax to remove the aches?.

We stress so easily and the body tenses up, but given the opportunity it will also relax just as easily and there is no need for those deep tissue courses that feel like you should thank the person for leaving you in one piece.

At Moon and Mask, Massage, find out for yourself what your body is capable of, make an appointment for an hour, let the stress melt from your body as the sound of waves or water in the background settles your mind, let the relaxation show you just where the tension is being held and let me gently massage the body slowly and calmly so as to allow you to relax and let your body do what it does best. RELAX.

​Remember at Moon and Mask, Massage,

We want to see you more relaxed when you leave than when you come in.

Massage, is not always about hard passes.

Swedish Relaxation Massage is not deep tissue work, it is a softer continuous motion on the body, a tactile touch to help release stress and built up fluids in the system. It generally takes an hour for a full body massage but it is an hour well spent as you relax to the gentle flowing motion of hands crossing your body and soothing sounds in the background.

The scent of fragrant oil helping to relax the muscles of the individual as you inhale aromas that settle the mind and relax the body. Removing the stress from the body allows you to return to your work with a lighter feeling and more energy. This of course will dwindle over time but knowing you are doing this regularly keeps that energy up with anticipation.

Many deep tissue massages are good for repairing muscle strains and tendon problems, but if you are looking to relax or relieve daily build up of stress, take the time to have a relaxation massage and feel the difference.See if you can relax so much that you drift and even sleep during the massage.

Priced to be competitive,

$65 for full body massage

$35 for back and shoulder area.

Mobile service available, (no happy endings)


“I am most impressed as a massage goes I don’t like deep tissue, when I found this was relaxing I had no hesitation in booking, It was worth every bit of it. Going to book again for more.”
Kate. F.

Deep Tissue Fan

“Very relaxing, never had a Swedish Relaxation Massage so seemed a little light on, but understand it is meant to relax”
Jole W.


“Roy does great massage and every time I have come out at the end I am Floating.”
Gina Jan


“Fantastic job with the massage. Very Relaxing and effective. Will come back again.”

Gift Certificates available

Here is an opportunity to address the energy field of the Chakras, there is an option of once a week for eight weeks @ $15 a week or the full eight weeks at $80, small groups of five people taken as a total class. I work on one chakra a week and using tone therapy, meditation, and crystal and singing bowls for the specific chakra and surrounding chakras.

All you need is a mat if you can lie down or a blanket to keep you warm, the classes are in the evenings and regular sessions start every two months.

Call for more information

If you cannot make it once a week then I also do the same class once a month at the Kilburn Community hall, Gladstone avenue, Kilburn  on the fourth wednesday of the month from 7pm to 8pm, this has up to 15 people and you only need to inform me that you can make the class. $15 a visit.

Weekly 1 Hour Sessions just $15 or $80 for the eight weeks front payment

Groups of 5 weekly or by Appointment for individual Chakra Balancing Sessions

Contact Roy   at or call for bookings in next class 0412097361.

Reiki is an age old form of hands on healing, This has been used in Japan, China and in other forms in most Asian Countries for centuries.

The Man behind Reiki is Dr Usui of Japan, since he founded Reiki it has progressed around the world and now there are healers in almost every country.

Just for today, do not worry,

Just for today, do not anger,

Just for today, honour your parents teachers and elders

Just for today, show gratitude for all things

Reiki in person

Reiki can be done in many ways, the most effective is in person, a session of one hour can relieve stress, help with ailments and give much needed energy prior to or after operations or hospital visits.

There are a number of options available,

  1. Have the Reiki in our room, for that personal touch
  2. Have the Reiki in your home from our mobile service ability
  3. Follow us and find where we are at the markets and see if we are doing Reiki there.

Reiki is an energy from one to another with the intent of helping in the healing of another, it is a way to increase vitality, correct aura displacement, help balance Chakras, relive stress or anxiety.

Having said that it is not the only answer to health problems and if they persist it is important to seek medical practitioners to properly diagnose a condition.

Reiki is excellent in assisting in recovery, stress relief, tiredness, lack of sleep, Chakra balancing and alignments, headaches and more so call us and let us be your Reiki practitioner today to see what this can do for you.

Reiki by distance.

Reiki is one of the healing energies that can be done from a distance, if someone you know is in hospital or overseas and you wish to help in a healing for that person, consider talking to us as your Reiki practitioner to have energy sent to them. This can be done at $60 for half an hour

What do you need? A photo, an address State they live in, not much at all and you will know you are doing something for another. Ask what the procedure is so that you understand what they should feel and what ou should do to help.


A natural relaxed state in which you can make poweful changes in your life.

Are you one of those people who thinks that you will give up your personal freedom and act like a zombie if you experience a trance state, it is not possible to make you do something you do not want to do, so now you can put that out of your mind

Which is why sometimes it takes a few sessions to complete and eradicate a problem, as many people fight the experience in their attempts to create new habits in the unconscious mind.

We rarely put people in a state other than a light sleep just like being on a mobile call for most normal problems. A light relaxing hour of conversation with me and interest for the individual having the session now.

Free yourself from Addiction


We as individuals try to get through our muddled lives without the thought of asking for help, we do this to show how organised and self sufficient we are.
Still more effective is that act of smoking, the high we get from the nicotine, it eases our mind in stressful times, it keeps our hands busy when we visit people at pubs or bar-b-ques, we started out doing it to impress, then we get addicted and the longer we do it the harder it becomes to leave it behind.

If you do decide to give it up, how hard is it without the help of others in your life.

Think at this time of getting a mental boost to keep you on track, A constant reminder so that when those urges come to you, you have already put in place those messages needed to keep you focused on what the outcome for you is.

Weight Loss

Are you Enjoying your food and eating but it is beginning to effect the waist line.

You love to go out with your friends and enjoy the best restaurants and food but the body is showing signs of excess, a little mental strength on your part may be all that it needs, one or two sessions to help you find your limits and not exceed them or upset your friends.

So you haven’t got the energy to go to the gym each week when your friends call, a casual conversation with me could help and on to the scale after the shower to check your weight now and again and then the constant effort to check calorie count at the content at the shop.

Enforce your mental acuity by getting hypnosis to help you focus your thoughts on what the outcomes are and the steps you need to follow now so as to be sure that those one or two moments when temptation takes over you will not be caught by them.

Bad Recurring Habits

We all have habits that are annoying to others, and some we wish we could change, from being able to control our emotions to correcting small issues, this is often possible with the assistance of light Hypnotherapy, consider if you think you have something of this type and

contact me on 0412097361
or email to for an appointment.

Let me help you to help yourself.

Initial session for information   $75.00

Hypnotherapy sessions for specific purpose $125 per session


  • Adelaide Psychic Fair December

    Flinders Street Market 230 Flinders Street Adelaide November 10 and 11 2018 10 am to 3 pm Free entry

    Do you have a need for crystals or a good reading, maybe some incense or a gift for a friend. Find out what is happening in the new year? Drop into Flinders Street market and see if the people there can't fill all your needs. Take some time to look at all the objects on show and talented people bringing services and product to you. This is the last chance before Christmas to get that something unusual or for that special friend. Please book ahead for the psychics as they tend to fill up before these events, this is just so that you don't have to wander around hoping for a space with your favourite psychic. Stall holder booking for 8th Dec Stall holder booking for 9th Dec

  • Spiritual and Wellness Fair Nuriootpa

    Soldiers Memorial Hall Murray Street, Nuriootpa March 30 and 31 2019 10 am to 4 pm Entry Gold Coin

    Even in the outer area of Adelaide, you deserve to be pampered, find that special gift or something for your sacred space a this two day event. We have psychics and healers, crystals and jewelry, oils and body products and more. So tell your friends, stop in for lunch and stay for a reading. Enjoy an afternoon of spiritual and health items and presentations that may suit your needs. This event supports the Mary Potter Hospice and the Tea Tree Gully Rotary and we hope you will see fit to support them as well. Stall holder Booking for 30th March Stall holder booking for 31st March

  • Spiritual and Wellness Fair Golden Grove

    Golden Grove Art Center, Golden Way, Golden Grove May 11 and 12 2019 10 am to 4 pm $5 adults and children under 14 free

    Arranged around six month periods you may be ready to see another psychics or resupply your spiritual or wellness needs, all of this and more will be available for you to peruse at your leisure. Bring a friend or family member and browse the stalls of jewelry, hand made, oils, lotions, crystals, incense, tarot cards, and more more more. Stop and have lunch, then maybe take in a presentation or a come and try session in a sport of health program like yoga or tai chi. This event supports the Mary Potter foundation and we would appreciate your donations if you can to this worthwhile organisation. Stall holders booking for the May 11th Stall holders booking for the May 12th


On the pages following you will find our present stock, if you see something you like let us know, we can deliver free within ten klm of Gepps Cross for sales over $20.00 and yes we can do POS if you want.
Are you having a party and looking for something different, give us a call and we will set up products that you choose from our photos and display them for you and your friends, small call out fee and minimum sales $100

  • Newest Products.

    Items we have just got in.

  • Jewelry

    Handy gifts and stocking fillers for reasonable prices.

  • Tarot

    Choose your question and get guidance.

  • Singing Bowls

    Crystal and singing bowls $40 to $400

  • Incense

    Nandita and Green Tree Incense @ $2.50 each

  • Green Tree Cones only $2.50 a Pack

  • Incense Burners

  • Back flow incense holders.

    used for meditation and mindfullness

  • Smudge Bowls and Product

  • Reiki Items

    For all those doing Reiki

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